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Today water supply is one of the basic needs of human life support. One of the priorities is universal and equitable access to safe drinking water, organized in a safe manner.

Foundation started the implementation of the WATER charitable project, providing clean drinking water to the residents of remote regions by installing modern water supply filtration systems.

Filters for water treatment

First of all it is required to conduct the works on study of the location to define the drilling point for the well and installation of equipment on filtration of underground waters, the final result of which is treated drinking water. During survey works the following factors shall be taken into consideration:

  • Possibility of drilling a well and receiving of required volume of underground waters,
  • Possibility of connection to the nearest source of electric energy
  • Convenience of the chosen location for the population
  • Wishes of the local people and self-governing bodies for further cooperation

Program successes

People have access to clean drinking water
Water filter stations installed
Families took part in the program

Equipment for water filtration – there are different types of equipment and methods of filtration of water, but tanking into consideration the composition, and complex of chemical and physical properties of underground waters of desert and Aral locale, and the fact, that the selected type of filtration has already proved its efficiency at this region, the reversed osmosis was selected as the method of filtration of the water.

Such technology is widely used for treatment of H2O from biological and mechanical impurities, demineralization, desaltation, is used in household, and as well in the industrial scale for production of food, pharmacy and other branches.

The principle of operation of the reverse osmosis filter is based on semi-permeable diaphragm that passes the water molecules. The bigger amount of impurities remains in the initial solution. In this way water is treated against bigger amount of organic contaminants, micro-organisms, and much in-organic ions.

A simple technological scheme lays in the base of the design. The source water is supplied to the reverse osmosis element (osmosis diaphragm), and thanks to the design of the diaphragm the separation of a stream of the being treated water into clean water and dirty water is done (in other words the water with high concentration of contaminants). The clean water is supplied to the consumers, and the dirty water is drained into the sewage system. Usually, the separate of the stream is done in ratio 50% to 50%.

This equipment is compact and is installed in the room of container type which is insulated against atmospheric influences such as winter cold, summer hit, precipitations, wind and, of course, against unauthorized entry.

The list of works performed before the release of purified water:

  • Drilling a well up to 30 meters deep and installing water pipes;
  • Earthworks for a concrete base for a container;
  • Performance of concrete works for the base of the container;
  • Purchase of building materials and production of load-bearing structures in the workshop;
  • Installation of load-bearing structures and sandwich panels of the container;
  • Performance of electrical work, installation of electrical appliances and lighting;
  • Essembly of equipment in the workshop, installation and commissioning of water filtration equipment based on the reverse osmosis principle.

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

“Whoever digs a well will receive reward from Allah on the Day of Judgement when anyone from amongst the jinn, men and birds drink from it.”

[Bukhari and Muslim]

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