Our Founder and Board of Trustees


Abdumalik Mirakhmedov is a visionary entrepreneur who plays an influential role in shaping the digital economy. He is the trailblazing Founder and Executive President of Genesis Digital Assets, a global powerhouse in Bitcoin mining.

Renowned for his remarkable success in international commodity trading, he is a masterful tactician who strategically invests in technology companies and guides their growth across key sectors of the global digital economy.


Halil is the founder and the director of Mirakhmedov Foundation.

Halil currently is working in the technology space and strongly believes that actions are evaluated on intent, no good deed with pure intention is ever wasted. For the Mirakhmedov Foundation, Halil focuses on providing aid to families in difficult life situations and access to clean drinking water in remote regions.

The Board of Trustees of Mirakhmedov Foundation

HALIL MIRAKHMEDOV – Chairman of the Board of Trustees

ABDUMALIK MIRAKHMEDOV – member of the Board of Trustees

OMAR MIRAKHMEDOV – member of the Board of Trustees

ABDUMUTAL MIRAKHMEDOV – member of the Board of Trustees

Charity starts by recognizing our responsibility to help those in need as much as we can. Some of us are able to do more than others. But many being charitable together can make a big difference, no matter how much they can afford to give. Charity is a duty for all with the ability to give something to those who have very little, or nothing at all. It feels natural. It feels right.

[A. Mirakhmedov]

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