Toshmatova Feruza Sunatillaevna

AGE: 38 years
DIAGNOSIS: Hepatic cirrhosis: Hepatitis B and D (liver transplant required)

1. Medical check and a surgery on liver transplantation

About Feruza family

The family with low income, incomplete, comes from Namangan province. Feruza lives with children (there are two children). Feruza’s husband left for Russian Federation in 2017 for work (workman). Since Feruza’s husband has not supported her financially and has not returned. Based on Feruza’s words and application from the village administration, Feruza’s husband married in RF and made new family.

In 2002 Feruza got biliousness, and at that time she was pregnant. During pregnancy women have strong immunity, and hence Feruza did not notice the virus illness.

In 2018 Feruza felt pain in the liver, weakness and abdominal dropsy (accumulation of free liquid in abdominal cavity). After the second survey the doctors made diagnosis: Hepatic cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B and D.

In 2018 Feruza every 4-5 months received stationary treatment in the clinic of her residence.

In 2021 she felt weakness in the organisms, pain in the liver. Feruza went to the clinic of her residence. The doctors, after checking, made diagnosis: Fibrosis transiting to hepatic cirrhosis and prescribed medication.

In January 2022 the doctors recommended a surgery on liver transplantation as Feruza’s illness transformed into fourth degree.

The family applied to “Vakhidov” hospital (RUz) regarding the surgery on liver transplantation, and based on the words of the specialists they are afraid to do such surgeries in Uzbekistan because the illness transformed into fourth degree and they recommended to go to India.

The family could not pay for the such an expensive surgery on liver transplantation


Recovery path

03.05.2022 The sponsee of “ONA” foundation, Feruza with her daughter (donor) and her mother (supporter) flew to India for survey and surgery on liver transplantation
04.05.2022 Feruza was at checkup with a doctor of “Artemis” clinic. Dr. Giriraj Bora. The doctor after consultations explained that Feruza’s daughter was suitable as the donor and did not assigned investigation (blood analysis, MRT with contrast and analysis of blood group).
09.05.2022 Feruza with the donor, daughter Navruza, made blood analysis in order to justify the links of relatives (DNA). After results are obtained further procedure would take place.
13.05.2022 Feruza with the donor, daughter Navruza, underwent commission for liver transplantation and additionally made analysis.
14.05.2022 Prior to liver transplantation, Feruza with the donor, daughter Navruza, made COVID analysis and visited anesthesiologist.
16.05.2022 The surgery on liver transplantation was successful. Feruza with (donor) the daughter Navruza are filling well, the surgery had been conducted for 15 hours.
20.05.2022 Navruza (donor) daughter of Feruza were moved to reanimation ward
23.05.2022 Feruza was moved from reanimation to the ward in the clinic “ARTEMIS”. Based on the words of Mr. Giriraj Bora, the transplantologist, the condition of Feruza and her daughter Navruza (donor) was stably good.
31.05.2022 Feruza, on prescription of Dr. Giriraj Bora, was discharged from clinic “ARTEMIS”. Feruza and her daughter (donor) were staying in a hotel. Feruza’s condition was stably good
02.06.2022 Based on doctor’s prescription the medication was purchased for 12 months.
07.06.2022 Based on doctor’s prescription the blood was checked for liver functioning.
21.06.2022 Based on Dr. Giriraj Bora’s prescription in the “Artemis” clinic, Feruza and daughter Navruza, and her accompanying mother returned back to Ruz. Feruza feels herself good.
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