Ravshanov Ismoil Eldorovich

AGE: 2 years
DIAGNOSIS: Cirrhosis of the liver, Cholestatic syndrome, metabolic encephalopathy.

1. Examination and liver transplantation surgery (partial payment)

About Ismoil family

Malika lives with her husband and one minor child. In 2021, Malika’s son was given a preliminary diagnosis: Cholestatic syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, metabolic encephalopathy.

From September 2021 to March 2022, Maliki’s son was repeatedly examined and treated at the Republican Specialized Scientific Medical Center in Tashkent.

On 16.03.2022, after the second examination, the diagnosis of the child was finally confirmed by the surgeon advising the family, who recommended liver transplantation to Maliki’s son. In Uzbekistan, young children do not undergo this type of surgery and it was recommended to go to India.

The family needed financial support for examination, surgery and rehabilitation of the child in India. The family was planning liver transplant for their son at the Artemis Clinic, Gurgaon, India.


Recovery path

31.05.2022 Malika and her family: the son Ismoil and husband Eldor, came to India to the ARTEMIS clinic for liver transplantation.
01.06.2022 Malika and son Ismoil were at the reception of Dr. Giriraj Bora at the Artemis clinic. The doctor after the conversation said that the first thing, they had to do is to get vaccinated in three types, which is done at the birth of a child. In Uzbekistan, doctors were afraid to make these vaccines. After vaccination, 21 days must pass for liver transplantation. The doctor simultaneously prescribed examinations (blood test, ultrasound and MRI with contrast). Ismail (patient) and Malika (donor).
02.06.2022 Malik’s son received vaccination, as prescribed by a doctor.
09.06.2022 According to the blood test, Malika will be a donor for her son. The doctor ordered further examinations for Malika and his son.
10.06.2022 Malika was examined by MRI and passed blood tests.
22.06.2022 According to the doctor’s prescription, Malika and her son Ismoil were hospitalized at the ARTEMIS clinic for liver transplantation, Malika will be a donor.
23.06.2022 the Director and chief surgeon of the transplantation department from the ARTEMIS clinic, Dr. Giriraj Bora, with the participation of her team, performed liver transplantation for Malika’s son. The operation lasted 13 hours. Liver transplantation was successful. At the moment, Malika and her son Ismail are in intensive care.
26.06.2022 Malika and her son Ismail are in intensive care after surgery. The condition of the mother and child is consistently good.
23.07.2022 Malika and her son Ismoil are in the ARTEMIS clinic. According to the doctor, Malika’s son’s condition is consistently good.
27.07.2022 Malika and her son Ismoil were discharged from the ARTEMIS clinic to the hotel by the decision of the doctor. According to the attending physician, Malika’s son’s condition is consistently good.
07.08.2022 Malika’s son’s condition is stable and good. The family is in the hotel waiting for the consultation of the attending physician.
12.09.2022 By appointment of the attending physician of Malika’s son, Malika’s husband Eldar returned home. The liver transplant procedure went well. Malika’s son’s condition was consistently good. An examination was made before the flight. After the examination, the result shows that the development of liver function is normal.
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