Mostafakul Milan Nasibullayevich

AGE: 12 years
DIAGNOSIS: Cerebral palsy, bilateral dislocation of the hip joints, underwent surgery to incise the tendon on his legs (son)

1. Examination and kidney transplantation surgery
2. Charitable donation for additional expenses (accommodation, air ticket, food, medicines, etc.)

About Milan family

The family is low-income, incomplete. Natalia is a widow, in 2018 her husband died of a stroke. Natalia is raising a disabled child’s son alone, Natalia’s son was born not full-term (7 months), severe childbirth caused birth injuries, due to the wrong approach of treatment by a neurologist, at three months strabismus of the right eye began at the child began. When the child was six months old, a control ultrasound examination of the brain was performed, the analysis showed that the cells in the frontal part of the child began to die, MRI also showed atrophy of cells in the frontal part.

In 2012, Natalia’s son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. According to Natalia, from year to year she does everything possible for her son, the doctors advising Natalia told her that she has every chance to put her son on his feet. Through social networks, Natalia reached out to the doctors of the HADASSA clinic in Israel, conducted negotiations and consultations with doctors online

The family needed financial assistance for Natalia’s son, to pay for hip joint surgery of both legs, the cost according to the invoice of the clinic of Israel. Due to lack of funds, Natalia started renting out her apartment, currently lives with her son at her mother’s.

Natalia’s son also needs a speech pathologist and a specialized stroller for disabled children. The family planned to perform hip joint surgery on both legs at the HADASSAH clinic in Israel.


Recovery path

08.06.2022 Natalia and her son Milan purchased an air ticket for further procedure in Israel, as they demanded the original air ticket for a visa to the embassy. Natalia provided all the necessary documents to the embassy for a visa. They promised to issue her a visa in 20.06.2022.
20.06.2022 Natalia and her son Milan received a medical visa for further procedure in the Republic of Israel.
23.06.2022 Natalia and her son Milan flew to Israel for examination and surgery. According to our time at 16:20, Natalia and her son Milan settled into a hotel.
29.06.2022 Natalia’s son Milan underwent surgery – the first stage of surgery on the left leg on the hip joint and limb lengthening clinic “Hadassah University Hospital”. The operation lasted three hours and thirty minutes and was successful. Natalia and her son Milan are in the ward. Milan’s condition is stable and good.
05.07.2022 Natalia and her son were discharged from the clinic “Hadassah University Hospital” to the hotel. According to the attending physician, Milan’s condition is consistently good.
13.07.2022 Natalya’s son Milan underwent the second stage of the operation on the left leg on the hip joint. The operation lasted three hours and was successful. Natalya and her son Milan were in the ward. Milan’s condition was stable well.
15.07.2022 After the second operation, they went out for a walk, as he felt better.
25.07.2022 As prescribed by the doctor, Natalya purchased spacers and splints for her son.
05.08.2022 Natalya’s son in the hotel for two weeks underwent physiotherapy with the participation of a physiotherapist from the Hadassah University Hospital.
22.08.2022 Natalya and her son Milan, as prescribed by the attending physician, returned home. The condition of Natalya’s son is stable and good. As prescribed by the doctor, Natalya will be at home rehabilitating her son.
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