Khudaiberganova Kumushoy Mansur kizi

AGE: 9 years
DIAGNOSIS: CHD (congenital heart disease). Fallot's tetrad. Status post-surgery of the pulmonary artery right ventricle anastomosis imposition and unifocalization

1. Examination and heart surgery
2. Charitable donation for additional expenses (accommodation, air ticket, food, medicines, etc.)

About Kumushoy family

Khalida is a mother of many children, (there are six children in the family) lives with her husband and children in the Khorezm region. Khalida’s fifth daughter is a disabled child, diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease.

In 2019, Khalida ‘s daughter underwent the first stage of heart surgery at the Artemis Clinic (India). At the moment, the child needed the second stage of heart surgery (replacement of the existing implant, expansion of the vein and installation of a new implant)

In February 2022, Khalida’s daughter underwent a heart MSCT examination at the Bolalar Milliy markazi center. According to the doctor, according to the results of the MSCT analysis, the child needs heart surgery, the second stage.

The family is unable to pay for the operation, due to lack of finances, Khalida’s husband, left for the Russian Federation to work, since October 2021, according to Khalida, in November 2021, her husband in Russia had the coronavirus and was quarantined, a lot of money was spent on his recovery. At the moment, Khalida’s husband cannot find a stable job with good earnings, Khalida herself is a housewife. At this time, the health condition of Khalida’s daughter is unsatisfactory, weakness in the body, shortness of breath appeared. The family planned to perform the second stage of heart surgery at the Artemis Clinic in India.


Recovery path

03.05.2022 Khalida’s husband and daughter Kumushoy came to the Republic of India for heart surgery. After arrival at the hotel, they immediately passed a PCR test for further procedures.
04.05.2022 After successful PCR test responses, Khalida’s huthe a reception with a pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Aseem Ranjan Sirvastava. The doctor ordered to undergo the examination (blood tests and Echo on the heart).
10.05.2022 After the tests were completed, Khalida’s husband and daughter Kumushoy were at the doctor’s appointment, Dr. Aseem Ranjan Sirvastava. The doctor ordered heart surgery on 19.05.2022.
19.05.2022 Khalida’s daughter was performed the second stage of ten-hour heart surgery. The operation was performed by pediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. Aseem Ranjan Srivastava at the ARTEMIS Clinic. Khalida’s daughter was in the pediatric cardiological intensive care unit at the ARTEMIS clinic. The condition of Khalida’s daughter was stable.
25.05.2022 Khalida’s daughter began moving independently by herself.
27.05.2022 Khalida’s daughter was discharged from the ARTEMIS clinic to the hotel. Khalida’s daughter,Kumushoy, felt well.
07.06.2022 Khalida’s husband and daughter Kumushoy returned home to Uzbekistan by doctor’s advice. According to the attending physician, Khalida’s daughter feels excellent herself, and the procedure was successful.
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