Imaydinov Lazizbek Ulugbek ugli

AGE: 7 years
DIAGNOSIS: Arthrogryposis, congenital bilateral clubfoot of severe degree, bone form of SPF

1. Examination, orthopedic surgery for two arms and two legs
2. Charitable donation for additional expenses (accommodation, air ticket, food, medicines, etc.)

About Lazizbek family

Sevarakhon is a mother of many children, lives with her husband and four children, Sevarakhon is listed in the women’s notebook of the makhalla committee. The youngest child of Sevarakhon is a disabled child, diagnosis: Arthrogryposis, congenital severe degree bilateral clubfoot, bone form of SPF.

In 2018, Sevarakhon and her son came to Tashkent-to-Tashkent Medical Institute, in the hospital the child underwent the extension of the Achilles tendon by Bayer, osteosynthesis by the Elizarov apparatus, the child was in this condition for six months. According to Sevarakhon, in September 2021, she and her child went to Russia, to the Ryazan Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in the department of Children’s congenital deformity of the skeleton, after examination and consultation, doctors recommended surgery. Due to the lack of the necessary amount to be paid for the operation in Russian clinic, Sevarakhon and the child had to return home to Uzbekistan.

In March 2022, doctors from the Indian clinic “Artemis” came to Uzbekistan to examine and consult patients, Sevarakhon and her son were at the appointment with the Indian doctor Dr. IP Oberoi, the Indian doctor examined the child and got acquainted with medical documents and photographs, advised her son to do two-stage orthopedic operation.

The family was planning to make orthopedic surgery for two arms and two legs at the Artemis Clinic, Gurgaon, India.


Recovery path

03.05.2022 Sevarakhon and her son Lazizbek came to the Republic of India for orthopedic surgery on two arms and two legs in the clinic. After arrival at the hotel, they immediately passed a PCR test for further procedure.
04.05.2022 After successful PCR test responses, Sevarakhon and her son were at the doctor’s appointment with Dr. IP Oberoi, the doctor ordered to undergo the examination (blood tests and X-rays).
05.05.2022 After the results of the tests, Sevarakhon and her son were at the doctor’s appointment, Dr. IP Oberoi. The doctor, after looking at the analysis answers, prescribed the operation on the legs
09.05.2022 According to the doctor’s prescription, Sevarakhon and her son were discharged from the ARTEMIS clinic.
11.05.2022 Sevarakhon and her son were at the doctor’s appointment. The doctor said that the second stage of the operation should be done after 3 months, since children’s immunity is weak, so it takes time for the operation to heal well.
25.05.2022 Lazizbek’s stitches were removed and the dressing was renewed. The second stage of the operation is planned on November 6, 2022
31.05.2022 Sevarakhon and her son Lazizbek returned home.
19.07.2022 Sevarakhon and her sick son Lazizbek flew to India for examination and for a second hand operation.
21.07.2022 The medical visa for Sevarakhon and Lazizbek was extended since the visa expires on 26.07.2022.
25.07.2022 Sevarakhon and her son Lazizbek were at the doctor’s appointment at the ARTEMIS clinic. The doctor, after looking at the results, appointed a three-stage operation on the right hand.
29.07.2022 Sevarakhon’s son underwent a four-hour operation on his right arm and the plaster was removed from his leg, the surgery was made on 06.05.2022. The operation on the right hand was successful. The third stage of the operation on the left hand was prescribed by the doctor after 15 days at the same time it was impossible to make wallpaper of the hand, since Lazizbek’s arm muscles are very weak.
01.08.2022 The condition of Sevarakhon’s son is consistently good, according to the appointment of the attending physician, he was discharged from the ARTEMIS clinic to the hotel.
03.08.2022 According to the doctor’s appointment, physiotherapy is planned for the legs of Sevarakhon’s son. The physiotherapist will come to the hotel and perform the procedure for Lazizbek.
08.09.2022 Son Sevarakhon started walking without orthopedic shoes. The condition of his son Sevarakhon is stable and good.
13.09.2022 The bandaging of the left hand is planned for the son of Sevarakhon and the bandaging of the right hand has been removed.
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